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UAE Others - A Bollywood Filmmaker & Film Production Company, a sister concern of IMA. We welcome you to our Bollywood Filmmaking website:, a platform for Bollywood Film making & Film Financing website for Bollywood film projects. We welcome you as a Bollywood filmmaker to join us for new Bollywood Film Projects. A website for inviting Film Industry professionals in Bollywood Film Market from Pre-production Film Project to Post-Production Promotion & Marketing, Film Distribution, Banner, Poster, Hording Advertising to TV & other Media Advertising for film marketing, enz. You can also contact us to sell your already made Film copyrights to sell to others, Screen writings services to Film production services for outsourcings. Your film projects will be to our Expert Filmmakers & Casting Directors' hands from India for making your film project smoothly & efficiently. We get also many Freelance talented Casting Directors, Scriptwriters, Wardrobe professionals, enz. Registered in our database who will be interested for your film project. If you are Film Financiers and Investors, please join us to make your Bollywood Films under our Ima Pictures Banner in partnership with IMA. If you are interested to get our Film Production outsourcing services & Studio Hire, On-Location Crew services, etc, please contact us for making your Film or any form of partnership with & Thank you for visiting our website. IMA Pictures will provide you professional production services for making feature films, DVD Films, Tele Films, Video Music Albums, Film Production to Post production, film marketing, enz. We provide production with all full packages of services from the initial research to coordination, filming and post production. Over the period of time we became one step service provider and master key to all Bollywood related queries. We are looking for investors, film financiers for our forthcoming film projects for making Bollywood & Hollywood Movies and other regional movies like Indian south & Bengali movies. We are ready with part finance and sponsorship, those who are interested in joining with our IMA Pictures team. If you have film ready for release our team will help you in distribution deal, film sponsors, film marketing, film promotions and film copy right sale, etc. IMA Picture services include feature film production, casting management for Bollywood projects, talent promotion, film promotion and marketing throughout the world, Ad film production, Script outlines Analysis services in India & worldwide!