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      IMA 01592 ( 35 )
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#Id   5b3957e05a
Name    IMA 01592
Age   35
Email   ImaBombay@gmail.com
Street Address   Ho.35
City   Margao
State   Goa
Zip   403702
Country   India
Phone   9890887643
Experience Level   Professional
Experience Details   I m a freelance photographer living and working in India. His experience and outlook has developed over several years working on a range of projects, from model portfolios and commercial assignments, to contemporary wedding photography and editorial commissions. And a personal passion for travel photography - documenting how people in different places live their lives - keeps his style fresh and relevant. Mark aims to provide a fresh perspective on his subjects, and strongly believes in building a connection with the person, landscape or issue he is photographing to achieve this aim, and to tell their story through the image he creates. Mark is available for assignments across India. His in-depth knowledge of local conditions and customs enables him to get to grips with a brief quickly, find appropriate case studies, and deliver even in difficult situations.
Comment   I like the website